And then there was one…

A lot has happened in the last 4 years..

grad-carrie   2011 – High School Graduation 


wedding   2012 – Wedding

grad-guy   2013 –  High School Graduation

grad-kay       2014 – High School Graduation grad-carrie2    2014 -College Graduation

As I sit here and look back at the past four years and all the accomplishments my three eldest children have accomplished. I am in awe of what they have done. They have all graduated in the top third of their class and due to a lot of hard work, they all received scholarships that have and will continue to send them through college. Which brings me to the fact that I have a college graduate! I am still so in awe of that one… only having gone to a tech college myself, I am so proud of all my children for taking the necessary steps to move forward in their lives and making college be a BIG part of that! So having one of them already receive a degree is so wonderful and awesome for me to even think about. A proud mom moment for sure!

And as child number three is living her last summer at home, I am brought to the realization that I still have one sweet child at home, my tag-along as I like to call her. The plan had always been 3 kids, all who would be out of the house before I was 50. Then roughly 13 years ago, when my current graduate was in Kindergarten, I discovered that God had a different plan for me. I had already been a single mom for a little over 5 years and struggling to say the least. What was I going to do, how was I going to make it work. I’ll save that story for another time, but it was in the later moments of that pregnancy that I understood my life was intended for more that I realized and although the first couple years were not easy in any way shape or form, God was shaping me… molding me to be who He needed me to be. Who that was has changed a bit in the last decade, but mostly in strength and confidence. The small changes are simply qualities that I have been able to pass on to my four children, most often by example.

Do they know struggle? Yes. But, because they do they also know perseverance, and what it means to trust and rely on God to get you through. They know that if you can battle through the tough stuff, you can come out stronger. And when we allow ourselves to cry over disappointments and we become more compassionate and understanding. They, as well as myself have learned to understand that our plans are not always His plans. It is then we must learn to trust and have faith in the path He lies before us.  To pray about the things we just don’t understand and then to quietly listen for His wee small voice. To be a living, breathing example of Him to all we meet and interact with. Knowing that they take this mindset with them into this world… another proud mom moment indeed.

My tag-along has mixed feelings about her sister heading off to college, with two other siblings already being gone. Cause even though they tease and torture her (as only normal older siblings do) she knows they love her and it was partially because of this I have allowed her to get a cell phone a year earlier than her siblings did. She will be in 6th grade this fall and they all had to wait until 7th grade. The advantages of being the “baby” I guess. 😉 This way she can text or call any of them when she needs to talk… when she has exciting news to share. I want them to stay close, to share their moments no matter where they are.

So as this summer is starting and will soon be winding down, I will continue to soak up the moments that my children share with me. Especially their time, I will joyfully enjoy their presence. I am so blessed that they are all (just recently), close to home and I can see them rather easily. I am also blessed to know that they truly do care about each other and have each others back when needed. Life is too short… we all learned that a couple summers ago. Enjoy every moment, share what makes you laugh and love those who are capable of loving you back. Allow God to show you who needs you to love them as well.

So as I adjust from being a mom of 3 under 3; to a single mom of 4; to a nearly empty nester with just 1 child in the house, I will continue to trust and rely on the God who has already brought me through so  much. I hope that with His guidance I can share these moments with you as well. The laughter, as well as the tears. The triumphs and the losses, the later which often teaches us the most.

Until the next moment-

2 thoughts on “And then there was one…

  1. Laurie,
    so proud of you! I really do wish we were closer. I know we don’t talk very much, but I feel connected to you nonetheless. You are an awesome mom!

    Love you girl!

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