Peace Comes Slowly

2015. Yet another year has passed and it was a rough road. I have been busy these past three months, overtime meant more income to help with my financial situation. But also, less sleep and that really began to wear it’s toll on me the last two or three weeks. But I made it through… and even though I still have a few things to take care of, I have made great steps towards my financial stability.

I was actually able to get quite a few things paid off these past couple months. PAID IN FULL are three little words that I have come to enjoy seeing and I very happy to share that I have not paid the late fee on a couple of my utility bills for two months in a row now!

Baby Steps. One Day at a Time. Just like early recovery; that too, is still a work in progress – as I approach my 11th year of living sober, I am reminded of the fight that it was in the beginning. How hard it really was those first weeks, the first few months, heck the first couple years. Changing how I handle my financial situation is a lot like what I had to do over a decade ago. Change. Such a novel idea; should be simple, right? Yet I’m here to say that it’s not and as I start each new day I am continuing to work hard to stop the bad habits and start new ones, healthy ones – habits that will bring me into a better way to live my life.

As I mentioned, I am working through the Financial Peace program and Dave Ramsey is continually saying that we have to learn how to “live like no one else so in the future we can live like no one else“.  I’m getting there, slowly… but, I’m getting there and I know that over these next few weeks and months, as I keep moving forward without the extra hours at work. It will be up to me, to continue thinking differently, acting differently and living differently to reach the specific peace I am search for, have been longing for, for so many years… financial peace.

Until the next moment,